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With the new year here, it is the perfect time to start structuring the changes you want to make in your routine and thinking about the athletic goals you want to set for yourself. The following are two types of goals that all athletes need to know of and that will help you to structure your goals better.

Process Goals vs. Performance Goals

There are two main types of goals that athletes need to focus on, process goals and performance goals. Process goals are goals that focus on the techniques and procedures needed to reach performance objectives and higher performance results. Some examples of process goals are: complete a strength training program two days a week, in addition to sports training practice 50 free throw shots every day, etc. All of those are goals that assist in the overall performance. Performance goals are more standard in the sense that they focus on an area of performance that needs to be achieved. Performance goals are assisted by process goals. For example, for a tennis player, a performance goal might be to get 90% of all the first serves in. In order to reach this performance goal, they might first need to complete some process goals such as working every day after practice for 15min on their serves.

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