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Plyometric, or jump training, is a type of exercise that’s all about explosive movements. Needless to say, it is very high intensity and high impact, which means that it requires a lot of power. In return, you get more flexibility, speed, endurance, and strength, primarily on your legs. If all of these benefits sound attractive to you and make you want to participate in plyometrics, here are a few basic moves you can do without any equipment. Keep in mind that if you want to try these out, consult with your trainer, as these movements aren’t recommended for everyone.

Basic Plyometric Moves

Jump Squats

Start in a squat position, keeping a straight back and keeping your knees at a 90 degree angle. Then, squat further down so you can get the impulse to jump up as much as you can and extend your whole body (arms up and straight legs). Lastly, land back down into a squat. Remember to land softly on your feet and to keep the good form throughout the reps. Do as many as you can for 45 seconds 2 times over.

Tuck Jumps

This move builds up on the last one. Prepare to push yourself upwards by bending your knees (again, don’t let them go over the toes), and putting your arms back. Then, jump as much as you can. While you’re in the air, try to reach your chest with your knees. Before you fall, straighten up your legs again to land. Do two sets of 45 seconds trying to fit in as much moves as you can.

Plyometric Burpees

The ultimate hated workout move can also be a plyometric! To do a burpee, you need to begin standing up straight. Then, jump as high as you can (try fitting a tuck jump while you’re at it). When you land, position yourself into a push up. Do the push up and in a quick motion, stand back up again to repeat the process. Do as many as you can in 1 minute, 2 times over.

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