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In a previous post we discussed the Importance of hydration and mentioned some ways to make sure you stay hydrated. Today, we would like to quickly discuss how your body needs specifically the right amount of hydration and not too much or too little.

Stay Hydrated During Sports Training

Staying hydrated throughout the day is important, not just during your sports training sessions. Make sure you listen to your body and pay attention to how thirsty or not you are. Remember that too much or too little hydration can be dangerous. ;It may be easier for athletes to feel very thirsty and drink too much water during strenuous endurance events causing the sodium in their blood to dilute so much that it causes hyponatremia. In fact, over hydration is rare but can result in hyponatremia, a swelling of the body and organs that may even be deadly. ;Ask your sports trainer for any recommendations in regards to proper hydration before, during and after training.

Electrolyte ;Drinks are a Good Option

Your body needs water in the right amount and sometimes sports drinks are a good option when participating in long or strenuous training sessions or competitions because they also replace other nutrients you loose, such as ;potassium and electrolytes. However, many sports drinks contain too much sugar and can be counter productive, so it is important to check the label. Read our post on how to make your own sports drink for an even better option that is easy to make.

The Best ;Sports Training in Parkland

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