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Why It Is Best to Complete Some Areas of Sports Training Without Music On

In our previous post, we discussed how sports training with your earphones on may not be such a good idea as it may affect your performance ;in situations where your music is not available. Today, we want to pick up on the subject and explain why resistance training is best completed without loud music or earphones on.

Reasons to Not Listen to Music While Doing Resistance Training

When dealing with resistance training such as lifting weights and body weight exercises it is crucial that your mind is ;as focused and concentrated as possible in the technique and form. This also means you need to be able to listen clearly to your trainer´s instructions regarding any modifications that you may need to make. Therefore listening to music especially with earphones or very loudly, could be more counterproductive in these type of training. ;Another reason not to listen to music, especially if you do so through your earphones is that it may prove to be dangerous. Studies also show that the inner ear becomes much more sensitive to sounds during exercise. Using headphones while training can be harmful to your healthy, easily impair your hearing over time.

Sports Training in Parkland Helps You Become a Better Athlete

Avoid very loud music or earphones when sports training, and listen to the helpful advice that your coaches offer. At Athletic Republic Parkland all our trainers are ready to help shape you into the best athlete you can be. Call us immediately at ;(786) 493-9609 ;and start getting the results you want with the professional attention you deserve. ;