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Factors That Affect the Performance of an Athlete

When it comes to ;sports training, there are many important aspects that play a key role in the results. It is about more than just the training session, most decisions you make can either affect or improve your performance. That is why today at Athletic Republic in Parkland we want to mention a few common mistakes that athletes make and how to avoid them.

3 Common Mistakes Athletes Make and How to Avoid Them

  1. ;Improper nutrition. Many athletes seem to think that because they are training hard on a daily basis, and exercising constantly, ;they can pretty much eat whatever they want. This could not be farther from the truth. Now, we are not talking about eating as many veggies and lean protein as they like, we are talking about hefty bags of potato chips, pastries, and zero nutrition junk food. ;It is truly a pity that much of the lean muscle and speed improvements that they make in their sports training session, can easily go to waste after the third soda, second potato bag and huge serving of cake. Having a sport nutritionist provide a meal plan or a guideline that suits your specific needs as an athlete can make an incredible positive impact in both your performance and your health. For a quick suggestion on some foods athletes should avoid, visit our previous post here.
  2. Inadequate hydration. We know you have heard this before, keeping well hydrated is essential when sports training, nevertheless many athletes still make the harmful mistake of not replenishing their bodies with the right liquids. This can mean both an excess of liquids or a lack of hydration. Read our previous post on the importance of hydration and check out our DIY electrolyte drink recipe, for a quick and easy way to stay well hydrated.
  3. Not paying attention to your body. This is the ultimate mistake. Some athletes are great at getting their diet together, staying hydrated and giving their all in every training session, but they are lousy at listening to their bodies. Listening to your body means more than just stopping when the pain is intense and so harmful, you are forced to stop. It means knowing your self and your body well enough to know when something is wrong or when even a slight pain needs attention. ;Learning to detect any problems before they grow into a large issue is important, and having the right set of coaches and experts around can be a great help. Talk to them often and let them know if there is something bothering you or any discomfort in your body, they can suggest some special exercises or make helpful recommendations.

Professional Sports Training in Parkland

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