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Adapt Your Exercise Routine to the Season

As the fall weather continues to roll in, adapt your workout to the cooler temperatures. While your indoor training doesn't need much modification apart from some variation, your outdoor workouts will require ;some changes. ;Athletic Republic in Parkland ;has some tips to help you make the transition.

Layer Up

Before heading out for a workout, know what type of weather to expect by checking the weather forecast. Knowing what type of weather to expect will help you dress appropriately for a comfortable and effective session. Since the temperatures tend to be chilly in the fall, it's a good idea to dress in layers and remove them as you get warmer. Since the sun sets earlier in the fall, it's also a good idea to work out earlier in the day in order to avoid doing so in the dark. If you can't work out earlier, remember to wear reflective gear or clothing that makes you visible to others.

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is always important, no matter what the season. For some people, staying hydrated in the colder months is more of a challenge because the weather makes them less thirsty. It helps to keep track of how much water you've had and how much more you should drink. Remember that water is an important factor in recovery after a workout.

Eat Smart

The fall months tend to be full of holidays that revolve around food. You shouldn't completely avoid the holiday food, but it's a good idea to continue eating smart. Avoid eating too many fun sized Halloween candies you might find around the office or at home since these can cause sluggishness during your training sessions. Try not to overstuff yourself at family dinners, and don't neglect your workout sessions.

Sports Training in Parkland

The performance coaches at ;Athletic Republic in Parkland can help you reach your potential. Our facilities are equipped with the best equipment to help you meet your goals. ;Be sure to check out ;our different training programs ;and give us a call at ;(786) 493- 9609 ;for more information.