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We have often mentioned how essential good hydration is and in our previous post we also talked about how to prevent dehydration. That is why ;today at Athletic Republic in Coconut ;Creek, ;we want to share with you a simple and delicious recipe to make your own sports drink, so you can keep your body replenished and ready to tackle your sport training session.

Why Start Making Your Own Sports Drink?

Making your own sport´s training drink is a great way to get all the benefits of electrolytes and help your body recover, without having to spend big bucks in those expensive commercial electrolyte drinks. Another great advantage is that you can adjust the flavor to suit your taste buds. You also avoid consuming the many processed ingredients and high sugar content that most sports drinks on the market are made with.

Ginger Infused Sport Drink Recipe

First start of with 1 lt of water and infuse it with ginger, this can be done through boiling some water and adding a peeled ginger root to soak for a few hours and then mixing the boiling water with the liter of water or you can simply leave the ginger root inside a liter of water for 24-48 hours. Once you have infused water you can proceed to add the juice of two ;to three medium limes without adding the seeds. Add a half a teaspoon of salt and mix this blend. Lastly sweeten your drink with a bit of raw honey to your liking and chill inside the fridge, until cold. Serve with ice cubes if desired, or add to your sports bottle so you can enjoy it in your next sports training session.

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