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What Not to Eat Before a Workout

If you're trying to get in shape, remember that what you eat is just as important as your dedication to your workout. Similarly, what you eat before heading to a training session can greatly affect your endurance and overall performance. Athletic Republic in Coconut Creek ;has some tips to help you avoid food choices that can negatively affect your workout.

Stay Away from Sugary Snacks

Avoid sugary snacks and drinks right before hitting the gym. The sugar intake ;might seem harmless since you're about to go work it off, but it can actually negatively affect your training session. Candy, cookies, soda and other high sugar foods can give you an initial energy rush, but this will wear off as you work out. As the sugar high disappears, you will become more sluggish and your work out will be harder to get through.

Save the High Fiber Foods for Later

While high fiber options are typically great choices for staying healthy and fit, you should avoid them right before heading to the gym. High fiber foods, such as flaxseeds, can cause bloating and gas shortly after you eat them. These side affects can cause discomfort and loss of concentration as you train. Do include them in your diet, but make sure to give your body enough time to digest before heading to your training session.

Avoid Salty ;Food

Avoid ;high sodium meals before a workout. Look for healthy snack options, such as nuts, without all the extra salt. Remember that high sodium foods can cause your body to feel dehydrated quicker. This can cause uncomfortable cramps and annoying headaches as you try to work through your training. If you can't avoid the sodium, make sure to stay properly hydrated by drinking more water.

Sports Training in Parkland

The performance coaches at ;Athletic Republic in Parkland ;are trained to help you reach your absolute best. Our facilities are innovative and ;equipped with the best equipment to help you meet your goals. ;Be sure to check out ;our different training programs ;and give us a call at (786) 493- 9609 ;for more information.