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Start Dressing Correctly for a Better Cold Weather Workout

You have probably already noticed the winter weather that is arriving and this may not seem like a big deal but it can actually be more important than you imagine. The cold weather affects your body and leads to changes in your routine. You may need to start wearing a sweatshirt or add a layer of clothing and your body may start feeling the changes in the temperature. That is why today we want to focus on how to make sure that you adequately ;adapt your wardrobe to the winter weather for a more comfortable and healthier workout.

How to Dress for Success When Working out in the Colder Weather

Abrupt temperature changes can cause your body to suffer in both performance and health. It is very common for you to catch a cold or start feeling weak when you sweat and your clothes are drenched and the wind or cold air hits your back. This can cause back pain and other health problems. That is why you should take care of what you wear when the weather starts getting cooler. If you start very warm and are coated in clothing you will likely need to remove a layer once your body´s core reaches a warmer workout temperature. The best thing to do is to dress like it is about 15 degrees warmer outside than it really is. That way once you start working out it and your body gets warmer there is room for you to still feel comfortable without being overwhelmed by the already warm clothing. Also, opt for wearing dry fit ;clothing or breathable fibers. Try to avoid cotton because it does not remove the moisture from your skin. When you sweat and wear cotton clothing it takes longer to dry and the moisture on your skin along with the cold can make it easier for you to get sick and experience muscle pain.

Start Sports Training in Parkland This Season

Sports training indoors can be quite helpful this winter when you start training in lower degrees. At Athletic Republic Parkland, they have the best installations and coaching staff. Rest assured they will take care of your needs and help improve your results. Contact them today at ;(786) 493-9609 ;and start training with the best.