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Not everyone enjoys running as much as others but no one can deny the benefits that it provides. That is why today we want to share a few running tips that can help you ease into running and will make it more fun.

Tips to Make Running Fun and Doable

  • Make sure you are looking good. If the thought of running makes you dread the idea, then don´t think about it at all. Instead, focus on looking good. Get dressed in your best workout clothes and head out. Studies show that when you feel like you look good, you are twice as likely to do really well on whatever it is that you are doing.  This also means that you are more likely to enjoy what you do. Like with many things, the most important thing you can do is to just actually get started. So put on your best outfit and lace up your nicest running shoes and just start running.
  • Have a running buddy. Get a running buddy to make it more fun. You guys can compete against each other, set goals and make yourselves accountable for actually showing up to the track or heading out on runs.
  • Race a song. Another way to make running more fun and to ease the task of running is to race a song. If you don´t feel like being competitive with anyone else or don´t have a running partner then the best thing you can do is to compete against a beat. That means that you play a song and set a record of how many laps or kilometers you want to complete before the song is over. That way, as soon as you start playing the song you start racing against it and see who reaches the end first, you or the song.

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