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Other Ways to Stay Hydrated Besides Drinking Water for When You Are Sports Training

Summer may be coming to an end in a few more weeks but the hot weather is still here. For athletes, this means that there is still a more demanding need to keep your body hydrated and your fluids replenished. There are some extra measures you should take to make sure you don´t dehydrate. Drinking water and electrolyte drinks is a good way to start but there are other ways to get some extra fluids in your diet.

Eat Fruits and Vegetables to Avoid Dehydration

  • Fruits. Fruits such as watermelon, strawberries, raspberries, grapefruit and cantaloupe melon as well as oranges all have a water content of over 80%. This makes them ideal for snacking on to help you stay hydrated. You can eat them just like that or even freeze a few wedges or slices and eat them in the hot weather for a more refreshing feel. ;

  • Vegetables. Veggies that have a high water content are also a healthy snack option for before and after workouts and even just for eating throughout the day. ;Some good vegetable options that are rich in water are lettuce, zucchini, celery, tomato, cauliflower, and spinach. Add these veggies to your diet for better hydration.

The Right Nutrition and the Best Condition With Sports Training in Parkland

Eating veggies and fruits is not only a good way to avoid dehydration. It also helps your body stay healthier and adapt better to the training sessions because it helps you maintain a more nutrient dense diet. Come tot ;Athletic Republic ;in Parkland ;today, and start conditioning your body with the most efficient sports training program in Parkland. Call us now at (786)493-9609.