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We all know the benefits of exercise, and we know that we need to do it. So why do we find it so hard to motivate ourselves? We make excuses, say we don't have the time, and put exercise off for another day that never comes. Try these tips to help motivate yourself.

How to Motivate Yourself to Exercise

Reward Yourself

Exercise will make us happier and healthier, so it has its own inherent rewards. If these are not enough, give yourself a real reward. Treat yourself to a smoothie after working out, or watch an episode of your favorite show. Or even better, get paid. The website Pact is a community of users who agree to pay you for sticking to your schedule. You pay when you fail to live up to your obligation.

Habit Loops

Make exercise a habit by making it easy for yourself. Build it into your schedule. Walk, run, or bike to work instead of driving. Put your running shoes next to your bag to remind yourself. Know what triggers will motivate you to action and use them. When combined with the reward, you create what scientists call a habit loop that makes it easy for a habit to form: trigger, routine, reward.

Sign a Contract

Make a commitment contract with your friends or family. We promise things to ourselves all the time, but we are more likely to follow through when others are involved. Agree to pay $20 every time you skip your exercise plan. Long-term contracts are more effective that short-term agreements.

Mental Contrasting

Many folks will tell you that focusing on the benefits of an activity will motivate you to do it. We all know that this is not enough. There is another part of the equation and this is recognizing what is holding you back. If you are too tired to exercise after work, recognize this and switch your plan to a morning or lunch-time workout. Identifying the triggers that make you want to do something and the obstacles to your doing it will make you that much more effective at solving the problem. Once you have motivated yourself to exercising, learn more about the athletic training programs we offer at Athletic Republic in Parkland, FL. Give us a call at 786-493-9609 for more information.