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The Effects of Music in Endurance Training

Nowadays, ;it is easy to play music regardless of where we are, and listening to music while working out or training ; has become normal to most of us. However, although music may make exercise more enjoyable it also has a few downsides that need to be carefully considered. That is why today we want to explain some of the effects of listening to music while you workout.

Listening to Music While Training is Controversial

Music may help improve endurance training such as running because it tunes you out of what you are enduring and makes the experience more pleasant. In some runners, it has proven to help them beat personal records and even last longer without as much fatigue. This may sound like a positive thing but it can be a double-edged sword. Yes, music will make your running routine easier, but is easier better? By not allowing your mind to fully concentrate and focus on the strain of long runs or fast sprints you may reach a better immediate ;performance and your body may be getting a good workout but your mind is not. Sports training is not just exercise, if all you care about is just getting some exercise in then it is fine to use music to help your workout and make it more pleasing, but when you are training to compete or for any type of sports training then you need to realize that training your mind is as important as training your body. ;Not listening to music while training may make it more challenging but that is the point of training. Challenging ;yourself in every aspect possible is what makes an athlete better.

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