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How to Recover Faster From Your Sports Training Session

Summer sports training should be fun and challenging but athletes need to take extra precautions during these heated months. The heat causes muscles to wear out faster and your body needs to work harder to perform essential functions such as...

Sports Training Athletes Are Greatly Affected by Injuries

When an athlete gets hurt and has to face an injury many mixed feelings can take place. Injuries in athletes can take a devastating toll on their emotional health more than just the physical impairment. That is because a large part of an...

Why It Is Best to Complete Some Areas of Sports Training Without Music On

In our previous post, we discussed how sports training with your earphones on may not be such a good idea as it may affect your performance ;in situations where your music is not available. Today, we want to pick up on the...

The new year brings with it new resolutions and new goals, as athletes look forward to their next season. A preparation plan starts to take shape as knowledge gained from the last season and a timeline for pre-season training is established. The NCAA recommends, “a progressive comprehensive...