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Why You Sweat and Why It Is Important

Sweat sounds like a sticky icky subject but it's more interesting you might thing and much more necessary than you can imagine. That is why today we want to share some important facts and information about why you sweat and why it is such a vital part of your workout or sports training session.

Things You Should Know About Sweat

  • Why do you sweat when working out? You know you sweat when you workout, but why? Well, your body is always working to protect itself and when the body temperature rises the nervous system stimulates the eccrine glands that are responsible for releasing sweat.  When you workout your body temperature increases and sweat is released.
  • What determines how much sweat you produce? Although an increase in body temperature can stimulate sweat production there are also other factors that can trigger it such as stress, anxiety, and hormonal alterations. However, the amount of sweat that is released depends on many factors such as genetics, environmental factors,  and gender among others. When it comes to fitness there are two main factors that determine this: weight and fitness level. The more you weight the more you sweat because there is more body mass to cool down.
  • Why is it a good thing that you sweat when working out? The more fit you are the more you are likely to sweat which is a good thing. The fitter you are the faster you start sweating and the more efficient your body becomes at regulating body temperature. This means you can workout harder for a more prolonged period without as much fatigue. When your body can cool down easily, it facilitates your workout and enhances your performance. That is why sweat and hydration are both so important.

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