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Take on the Spring Cleaning Challenge

When spring rolls around it’s often the time when most people clean their homes. And while this is always a great idea, there is no reason why you can’t include your body in the task! Below are three great and easy ideas from Athletic Republic Parkland for improving your health and fitness during Spring.

Make Your Own Juices

We all know the benefits of drinking fresh juice but it isn’t always convenient to buy or cost-effective. For this reason, consider making your own juices throughout spring. Each time that you visit the grocery or produce store, be sure to choose a selection of fruits and include juicing into your daily schedule during spring.

A New Ingredient

If you are tired of cooking the same food every night then you will enjoy this tip. Throughout spring, make an effort to learn how to cook one new healthy food item a week. This could be something small which you add as a garnish or a vegetable which you use as the main food item. Whatever it is, be sure that it’s healthy and that it’s new.


Stretching gets a bit of a bad reputation because it’s boring. There’s no real another way to say it. However, just because it isn’t filled with adventure doesn’t mean that it isn’t beneficial. During spring, make an effort to include more stretching in your routines. This could be stretching your legs on the train to work by lifting your body weight on your toes through to practicing yoga positions in a spare meeting room at work.

Sports Training in Parkland

If you love the idea of improving your health and fitness levels but don’t know how to go about it, Athletic Republic Parkland can help. Call today at (786) 493-9609 to find out how their trained professionals can help you achieve your health and fitness goals.