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Staying Hydrated Without Water

Try as we might, it isn’t always possible to drink as much water as we would like or should, leaving many to feel dehydrated and lacking in energy. If this sounds familiar, below is a post from Athletic Republic Parkland about how you can stay hydrated without drinking plain water.


Enjoying an orange on a break from work or eating some watermelon for dessert aren’t just delicious ideas, they are also great ways to hydrate your body. Much of the juice in your fruit is water, along with the water inside the fruit itself. Including more fruit in your diet can be a great way to both improve your health and your hydration level.


Despite what you might have thought of them when you were younger, eating vegetables is more than just a good way to improve your health. Vegetables contain a large portion of water, and so eating them as part of your nightly meal can be a great way to boost your hydration before sleeping to help your body rest and recover.


If you live in a hot climate then this is a good tip for you. Mix some fruit with water, or search online for your own recipes, and make your own popsicles at home. This is a great tip because you get to choose exactly which flavors you want. Of course, when they are ready, enjoying them is not only refreshing but a great way to hydrate your body.


If your climate is cold, consider broth-based soup as a way to introduce more water into your day. Not only does broth-based soup make a great snack or a meal, but it can be enjoyed anywhere by putting it into a heat-retaining canister.

Sports Training in Parkland

If you aren’t sure that you are eating and drinking the right foods to match your goals and plan, speak with Athletic Republic Parkland at (786) 493-9609. Their trainers are experienced and can answer any questions you have about your fitness and help get you on track towards achieving your goals.