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Learn About the Benefits of Stretching

Whether you are headed out the door to run to the corner store to pick up some milk or you are making your way to an intense weights session, you should be stretching before and after each exercise session. To tell you more, below is a post from Athletic Republic Parkland.

Wake up Your Muscles

If you spend the majority of your time sitting on a chair staring at a computer all day then your muscles can become tense and locked in their position. When you take them and immediately try to punish them, they don’t react too well. Stretching provides a nice middle-ground where you can bring your muscles out of their work-day slumber without causing injury but also stretch them enough to prepare them for what’s ahead.


It can be easy to think that, if you are simply lifting weights, you don’t need to stretch anything except your arms. And while it’s important that you give these parts a good stretch, what about your legs and your glutes which are needed to support you and ensure you keep the right posture to prevent injury. Before you perform any type of exercise, be sure to give your whole body a stretch, not just the muscles you think you will be working on.

Next Day Pain

If you have ever increased your exercise routine or simply started a new one then you know what exactly what next-day pain feels like. And guess what? Stretching is here to help you! Stretching after your workout promotes the flow of blood and oxygen to the affected muscles, helping to start the recovery process and minimize the lactic acid build up you feel the next day.

Reach Your Goals With Sports Training in Parkland

When it comes to reaching your fitness goals safely and quickly, stretching and Athletic Republic Parkland can help. Call today at (786) 493-9609 to find out how moving your sports training in Parkland to Athletic Republic Parkland can benefit your fitness goals.