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Attitude Is What Makes or Breaks an Athlete

Many think that skill is all it takes to do well as an athlete but in reality, it takes more than that. It takes the right attitude. Attitude matters more than skill because skill and ability can be learned and developed but having the right attitude is an internal and personal choice that athletes need to make every day. It cannot be taught but it can be worked on.

Work on Your Attitude as Much as You Work on Your Skills

How an athlete reacts to each situation or event is what will help him/her succeed or not. Do they accept a defeat and work harder to get better? Or do they blame others and try to make excuses for their performance? Do they train hard and keep demanding more of themselves? Or do they complain when training gets tough? All of this determines how far an athlete gets. No matter how much skill they have or how good they are, their success is not going to be determined by what they can do but what they actually do and how they act.  It isn´t always easy to have the right attitude, and it isn´t something that comes naturally for everyone. However, it is very important that athletes work on this every day as much as they work on their skills and physical goals.

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