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Planks are a very basic but very effective exercise, as it works on your core, your shoulders, your arms, and your endurance. Moreover, planks are a starting point for a few other workout moves. To learn how to do them properly, continue reading.

How to Do the Perfect Plank

  1. First, your hands...

Plyometric, or jump training, is a type of exercise that’s all about explosive movements. Needless to say, it is very high intensity and high impact, which means that it requires a lot of power. In return, you get more flexibility, speed, endurance, and strength, primarily on your legs. If all...

Ab crunches are one of the most basic workout moves. However, many people don't do them correctly. This can result in injuries and other unwanted results. To do basic crunches expertly, follow the tips below.

How to Do Basic Stomach Crunches Like a Pro

Start With the Right Form

Your initial...

Defeat is a part of any sporting event. Still, it's something that many athletes aren't prepared to deal with. To some point, it's understandable: you dedicate time, effort, and money to something, only to be disappointed by the results. Even so, it's important to be better prepared for defeat....

As an athlete, we’re sure you give it your all during your training sessions so you can improve and become the best you can be. However, if you want to have an effective training session, you need to work hard and prepare for it. For tips on how you can get ready to train, read this post.



No matter how much of an athlete or an active person you are, your body needs at least one day a week to rest, so it can recover, rebuild itself, and make you stronger. Still, if laying in bed all day isn't your cup of tea, you can try with active recovery. These are low impact activities that...

Breathing correctly can make your training sessions all the more successful and enjoyable. To make sure you're breathing the right way, follow the tips below.

How to Breathe While Working Out


First of all, you actually need to breathe. Sometimes, when making a great physical effort,...

To have an effective workout session, you need to have certain items with you. If you don't want to forget any of them, you can use the following list as guidance.

What to Take With You on Your Workouts

  1. Of course, you'll first need to have the required clothing and shoes for whatever sport...

Despite what most athletes believe, training harder doesn’t always mean better results. In fact, in some cases, training too hard can work against an athlete, both mentally and physically. If you suspect you are training too hard or just interested in learning more, this post can help.

How to...


Taking Your Workouts into the Summer Sun

As the temperature starts to rise it’s important to give some thought to staying safe in the heat as you exercise outside. To help you get started in this regard, Athletic Republic Parkland has prepared the below post to share.

The Right Gear

While you...